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We are professionals in Academic Help and are passionate about making our customers happy and making this world a better place.
Our mission is to provide high quality, plagiarism free papers to satisfy Your demand. One can easily notice many similar companies on the Internet; therefore, we would like to differ from them by providing TOP product. Many customers order papers to save their time and get rid of the paper writing headache. Nevertheless, when it comes to results, clients have to spend even more time negotiating with the company about quality of the paper. In this case money does not matter as much as the course grade. Both company and client lose – the company loses potential loyal customer, and the client loses grade or even place in his/her school.Our goal is to improve this tendency.
WritingConsultant uses a completely different strategy – clear promises, high quality and on-time product.We provide various paper writing services from editing to writing from scratch in almost all fields of studies from humanitarian to exact sciences. This requires us to apply a multi-level approach to dealing with every order:
  • Informing client about our services to establish communication and understanding of his/her problem;
  • Searching for proficient writer who is ACTUALLY competent in this field of studies;
  • Monitoring the progress of the paper to avoid any kind of lateness.
Our team of professionals includes:
  • Quality Assurance Department (deals with the quality of writing);
  • Writer Department (choses the best-suited writers for our company out of hundreds applied);
  • Financial Department (responsible for pricing, easiness of payment, and refund issues);
  • Dispute Department (responsible for addressing all your concerns about quality and timing of the paper);
  • Customer Service Department (includes people who actually guide you through all order stages and inform about order status).
  • Writers (qualified researchers who handle your order)
Such division of labor helps us create effective system that supplies client with everything he/she needs from the paper.
Whether you have a question or feedback we would love to hear back from you!